Cosmetic EMAX Crowns on Front Teeth Before & After

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BEFORE and AFTER Cosmetic Crowns Veneers Smile Transformation

Patient's Scenario

James came into my practice with the desire to have a smile makeover. As you can see, he was unhappy with the previous veneers on his upper front two teeth. However, the patient has a lot of other worn-down teeth from grinding and other factors. 

To completely restore all the patient's teeth, he would need full mouth reconstruction. That means he would need crowns on all his teeth to stop them from breaking down and restore the height of all his previous teeth. However, the patient only desired cosmetic crowns on the front teeth. Here are the before and after EMAX crowns on his front six teeth.

Analyzing the Results

James was thrilled with the results. We whitened his teeth previous to reducing them for the crowns. This allowed us to use whiter crown shades. In addition, we performed a small gingivectomy on his central incisors to raise the gum line for a more cosmetic smile. 

The EMAX crowns were an unconventional choice for a teeth grinder. Usually, a more rigid material, like Zirconia, is used to prevent the crowns from breaking. However, since the patient only gets crowns on his front six upper teeth, Zirconia would have worn down the lower teeth faster. I did not want to risk this since the lower teeth are already heavily worn. EMAX crowns are more cosmetic, as shown in the before and after images. We made a nightguard for the patient to protect his lower teeth and the new EMAX cosmetic crowns.

As always, the before and after results are stunning. 
Seating Dental Crown Procedure 2

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