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Patient's Scenario

This reality TV star and Elvis impersonator came in because he wanted a more cosmetic smile for his finale on Big Brother. This was an immediate time constraint because the finale was scheduled in 4 days. Luckily, the patient's biggest concern was the color of the upper right central and lateral incisors. Ironically, he was okay with the color of the upper left central incisor because it wasn't as off as the right central incisor.

We decided not to do cosmetic EMAX crowns due to the time constraint. Crowns would have transformed the shape of the teeth in addition to the shade. Since he only wanted the upper right incisors done, this created a problem of whether we should match the shade to the upper left central incisor because it is so prominent or all the other whiter teeth. 

We decided to match the white composite bondings to the whiter teeth even though that would make the left central incisor stand out more. However, once we completed the treatment, the patient immediately wanted the other central bonding done because now that tooth stood out. You can see this intermediate image below. So we stayed after hours and finished all the teeth. 

Analyzing the Results of Dental Cosmetic Teeth Bonding

From the before and after pictures, you can see the dental cosmetic teeth bonding results are much better. The teeth are now all the same shade of white which is a significant improvement and made the patient happy with his teeth. In addition, I was able to make the upper right lateral incisor more closely match the left lateral incisor in size and shape. I was also able to make the central incisors appear less crowded. However, you can see some limitations in the form. For a Hollywood result, I would have used crowns to make the teeth more aligned and sized to the golden proportions. In the end, the patient's main concerns were met, within the time constraint, and with much improved dental cosmetics.
Midway through dental cosmetic teeth bonding procedure
Upper right central and lateral incisors with cosmetic teeth bonding. The upper left central incisor doesn't have bonding yet and now stands out, with the other almost complete.

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