What is the BURST Promo Code: WY36BE

In this article, as a BURST ambassador I discuss the discount you receive on the Burst promo code: WY36BE. This coupon code allows you to get a discount of more than $30 on one of your toothbrush purchases. If you see my review of the Burst toothbrush and their dental floss (I also posted this video at the end of this article), you will be amazed that this toothbrush removes dental plaque better than any other toothbrush I have reviewed with almost spotless teeth after every brushing. What’s more impressive is how cheap it is after using the coupon code compared to other high-end toothbrushes with less impressive results. Burst is the leader in the field of electric toothbrushes. Below, I explain the discounts that can be obtained on many Burst products using the Burst discount code mentioned above, including Burst toothbrushes and their other products.

What is the BURST Toothbrush Promo Code Discount?

Your most considerable discount from that Burst promo code will be on the Burst toothbrush itself. To use the Burst promotion code, please enter WY36BE before payment or click on this Burst toothbrush promo code to automatically apply the discount. With that Burst Promo Code, the cost of any electric Burst toothbrush will be deducted $30 from the initial price on the first toothbrush, and then $40 will be deducted from the price on each additional toothbrush purchased in the same order. For example, on the Burst toothbrush website, each white or black toothbrush cost is approximately $69, but only $39 with this burst promotion code WY36BE. So, for example, if you buy 3 Burst toothbrush bundles and use the Burst promo code, you will get a total purchase discount of $110. The $110 deal is because the first package receives a $30 value, and the following two Burst toothbrushes draw a $40 discount. Note that once you purchase 5 Burst Toothbrushes in the same order, the cost will fall back to a deal of $30 per toothbrush. So whether you buy a black or white $69 Toothbrush or $99 Rose Gold Burst toothbrush, the coupon code will still get you a discount of $30 and $40, as described above. Now for a comparison of discount offers, the initial cost of all Burst products on Amazon is the same as the initial cost on the Burst website, but your coupon code on Amazon will only give you a $10 discount instead of $30 from Burst. Even worse, the Amazon Burst toothbrush discount will only apply to one toothbrush, no matter how many you buy. It is pretty amazing that, in essence, the cost of the premiere electric toothbrush is only $29 to $39. Considering most high-end toothbrushes go for over $100, if not $200. Use the coupon code WY36BE or click the link below, and the Burst toothbrush Promo Code will be automatically applied.

Burst Promo Code Burst Oral Care Toothbrush

What is the BURST Floss Promo Code Discount?

Burst Floss Promo Code and Review 2

Burst Floss is my favorite dental product. You heard me right. I recommend this dental floss over any floss or toothbrush, including my favorite toothbrush, which Burst also makes. The Burst dental floss promo code, the same as the Burst toothbrush coupon code (WY36BE), will get you a $2.99 ​​discount. The Burst floss discount is easier to understand than the toothbrush discount. The promo code will give you a discount of $2.99 ​​for each floss package you purchase, no matter how many floss bundles you purchase. Burst dental floss is a bit expensive for dental floss, but once again, that’s because it is the best floss. If you want more information, please check my Burst dental floss video to learn why it is the best. The dental floss and case are priced at $12.99, but with the discount code, the floss package is only $10.00. You only need to buy the floss case once, so the cost for the refill is $5.00. For dental floss, this is still a bit expensive, but in my opinion, it is worth it.

Use the coupon code WY36BE or click the link here, and the Burst floss promo code will automatically apply the discount at checkout.

What is the BURST Water Flosser Promo Code Discount?

If you have watched my video on YouTube about water flossers, you will know that I find them useless for most people. They don’t remove near enough plaque. However, if you want to use a water flosser to improve your oral health further, the Burst water flosser is the best choice because it provides the highest pressure (160 PSI) I have found in any water flosser. With the same burst promo code (wY36Be), you will get any burst water oral irrigator with a $20 discount. Then there is a $20 discount for each additional water flosser you purchase as well. The Burst water floss promo code, unlike the toothbrush code, is very straightforward in its discount rate.

Use the coupon code or click the link below, and the Burst water flosser discount code will be applied automatically.

Burst Water Flosser Promo Code 2

What is the BURSTkids Toothbrush Promo Code Discount?

Burst Toothbrush Promo and Brush Head Bristles Carcoal 2

If you have children and want to buy them a Burst toothbrush, I also recommend the BurstKids Toothbrush promo code, which uses the same promo code (wY36Be) as all the other products. Burstkids sonic toothbrush is priced at $69.99, with a discount of $20 using the promo code. In addition, if you purchase an additional Burstkids sonic toothbrush, you can get a discount of up to $30 until your fifth toothbrush; in this case, Burst will reduce the discount to $20 again. This discount pattern is just like the pattern of their regular discount code for toothbrushes. Use the coupon code or click the link below, and the Burst coupon code will be automatically applied.

When you use Burst promo codes or Burst coupon codes, you get discounts to buy Burst dental products.

* I am a Burst ambassador; when you use the discount code and click the link in this web article, I earn a small commission. *


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